Allemang Solutions

We can help solve your structural or landscape problems.

  • Wall Falling Down? We will rebuild your current wall, with new or existing materials, properly constructing it with strength for long lasting stability. Many new materials are on the market.
  • Water drainage problems? We can determine the problem and correct it with a proper drainage system.
  • Puddles, cracks, weeds, pits and shifting in concrete? We can install a new concrete driveway that is properly sloped, including pipe for drainage, and is sectioned with expansion joints to allow for earth movement.
  • Unsightly exterior appearance? The outside of your home or business is the first thing customers or friends / relatives see. Allemang will make you proud of your home or business with a fresh, updated look to your property.
  • Why choose concrete over asphalt? Asphalt requires yearly maintenance and does not have the life span nor durability of concrete.
  • Hillside sliding? Allemang will properly secure the shifting area with a new retaining wall system. No more mud, water problems or worries.
  • Wasted hillside space? Allemang will build terraced areas for recreation, flower beds and plantings, etc. utilizing yard space for more pleasure.
  • Ugly fireplace? Allemang will remove old fashioned stone and reface fireplace with your choice of stone. This will bring warmth and a new modern look to your favorite room.
  • Hate gravel driveways? No more problems with rocks everywhere, problems shoveling snow, etc. A smooth concrete driveway will provide a clean, durable surface for all weather conditions.
  • Love the outdoors? Allemang will create a patio area designed for relaxing on a warm summer night or for entertaining family and friends.
  • Have an idea? We can help you with design ideas and recommend materials to provide the best possible solution for your needs.
  • Safety concerns? We correct dangerous hazards such as lifting, cracks, pot holes, ditches, etc. Smooth, level concrete ensures maximum safety.
  • Legal concerns? Injury lawsuits can be more expensive than actually fixing a defective structure. Allemang will help you resolve problems quickly so no one will be injured from faulty steps, walkways, falling walls and debris, etc.

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